Why Use Us

QuickFire EM is entering its 18th year in the emergency response and training industry.  

We provide a customised consultancy service delivering emergency management compliance information and training within the healthcare and commercial sectors including: 

  • Hospitals; aged care facilities, day care centres;
  • Retirement Villages
  • Hotels and Accommodation facilities
  • Industrial
  • Education
  • Government & Municipal
  • Public arenas such as Aquatic Centres, Sporting Facilities and Major Event Venues

Why You Should Choose QuickFire EM

QuickFire EM A uniquely original consultancy service that provides site specific training and advice including building design legislation and duty of care requirements often placed on building owners and occupiers. 

Our services cover all areas of fire safety, prevention and response.  We are an Australian Company operating since 2002 by qualified industry professionals combining over 50 years’ experience in the fire related industry.  

You can be confident that QuickFire EM will deal with your enquiries in a friendly and professional manner.

QuickFire EM specialises in:

  • Development of site-specific Emergency Response Procedures
  • Development of site-specific Evacuation Diagrams
  • Warden Implementation & Refresher Training
  • Practice Drills/Evacuations
  • Fire Safety Auditing and Consultation
  • Access to QuickData Client Port
  • E-Learning induction/refresher/retention packages

Our Service Locations

QuickFire EM can provide products and services to all Australian eastern seaboard capital cities and major metropolitan areas. 

Privacy Statement

We are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and guided by a set of Australian Privacy Principles whereby we have adopted a Privacy Policy that is sensitive to the needs of our clients and respects their practices and procedures whilst enhancing their ability to source information on training and compliance.

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