28 July 2020

We had a real situation on the 21st July - the fire alarms went off - situated in the tea room.  No roof activation but could not locate any reason why, we did evacuate the hospital including a patient in the theatre and patients in wheelchairs and it all went brilliantly.  The fire wardens were excellent.  Fire Brigade came investigated the tearoom etc and gave us the all clear.  Follow up from a patient that day was a thank you card stating this was a unique way to wake up from an anaesthetic with the fire alarms going off and being wheeled outside - she thought it was so funny!  I just wanted to give you a huge thank you for all your training as it certainly paid off when it was needed.

Fiona Svamvur - General Manager/DON  Hobart Day Surgery


30 April 2020

The Glenorchy Primary School Staff who attended your session on Thursday 9 April would like to express their thanks for your informative demonstrations.  Of course we hope that we never have to put into practice the lessons learnt but be assured your presentation has provided us all with further skills and knowledge that will be beneficial should that need arise.

Wendy Potter - Principal

March 2020

I’ve been using the Quickfire online portal for approximately two years.  I’ve found it to be a convenient & reliable tool to monitor staff training compliance.  The easy-to-use portal includes readily available statistics & resources.  The online training modules are tailored to the facility, ensuring the most relevant & current learning content is provided.  Onsite training can be scheduled via the portal as well.  The Quickfire team offer swift assistance when required, always in a friendly & professional manner.  This is a great service, thank you.

Administration Officer

Aged Care Facility - Southern Tasmania


Hi Paul

Thought you would be interested in some feedback from one of our staff who is so grateful for the training she has received here – her house was burnt down last week – everything is destroyed but all 4 people in the house got out unharmed because the staff member felt she knew what to do from her training here.

I have seen the photos – and it is all gone – except for the toilet, where the toilet roll is still white because that door was closed and there was a draught stopper in front of it.   All from a TV malfunction.

Ann Bingham
Facility Manager - Rosary Gardens

March 2018

"The training was relevant, clear and concise and delivered in a professional manner that had staff engaged throughout. Our staff have become more responsive and organised to any emergencies."  "The QuickData Client Portal is easy to access, check for non-compliant employees, edit and remove any no longer working for the organisation."

Compliance Manager - Aged Care Facility, Geelong


"Best training consultants I have worked with."

Quality Manager - Aged Care Facility, Northern Tasmania


How useful do you find the QuickData Client Portal?

"Very easy to use, great resource, always up to date."

THS Facility Manager - NorthernTasmania

"Accreditation being undertaken, logged straight onto the Portal and instant access to all the relevant documentation.  Fantastic result."

FM at Aged Care Facility Southern Tasmania


January 2015

"The practical component to walk through an emergency situation made it real!"

Commerical Property Tenant

July 2014

"I have completed training interstate.  This particular training has been the most thorough and interactive that I have participated in. Many thanks."

"Very informative session enhanced any knowledge gained from previous sessions and gave me much more confidence."

"Was the most informative fire session I have ever had.  Very good!"

Participants at Private Hospital

October 2013

"It definitely hleped me not to stress and how to manage fires as I had not been through a fire drill before."

"The Trainer was able to answer any questions given to him and was clear and concise in his answers.  The 4 Steps put "stress" into perspective and the timeframe for response also helped put things into perspective."

Staff Members - Aged Care Facility

September 2013

"I found today's training to be much easier to follow than any other training I have done.  The Trainer's way of presenting was fun and I didn't fall asleep, so obviously learnt more!"

"Fantastic training course even a Hospital staff member commented that this training is far better than what they have there!"

"As a trainer and assessor I found the training to be best practice.  The trainer was very knowledgable.  Keep up the good job."

"Found it very informative, very easy to follow."

"Delivered in a very interesting and professional way."

Healthcare Professionals

September 2013

"Enjoyable.  This trainer was very personable and he imparts his information in an easily understandable manner." 

April 2013

"It was the best fire training I've ever had".

Commercial Tenancy (ECO) Manager

March 2013

"A lot less stressful to understand.  Very well presented.  Made very straight forward.  Best training in 15 years!!"

"I found the training to be interesting, easy to understand and very helpful.  Liked the power point!"

Staff Members - Aged Care Facility

August 2012

"The practical walkthrough and time spent at the fire panel helped build my confidence in handling an emergency ...  These in-depth training sessions over the last 3 years has helped manage my anxiety over a potential fire and turned it into confidence!!"

Staff Member - Aged Care Facility

July 2012

"The Trainer had made the presentation very clear and took a lot of time answering questions and clarifications.  Very excellent experience todays training." 

Unidentified Staff Member Private Hospital

July 2012

Afternoon Paul

Today at our Leadership Meeting we were discussing your recommendations. All managers commented on your training and common sense approach, saying that this training and support is far better than what we have had in the past.


Rhonda McCoy
Director of Nursing - Manager
Beaconsfield District Health Service

April 2012

"Practical examples allowed hands on practice.  I now have increased confidence for any emergency."

Staff Member - Aged Care Facility