Every workplace in Australia requires a scheme of evacuation.  For small non-complex buildings, a simple generic Emergency Plan can be sufficient to provide direction for occupants to evacuate away from any danger – WH&S Regulations. 

As building become larger, more complex and house more occupants, site-specific Emergency Plans provide far greater information for occupants and the Warden Group to achieve a more efficient and effective outcome.

Australian Standards AS 3745 - 2010: Planning for emergencies in facilities and AS 4083 - 2010: Planning for emergencies – Health Care Facilities are the benchmark for constructing Emergency Plans and considered best practice. 

Managers and property owners are responsible for ensuring emergency management / response procedures are fully compliant with relevant Australian Standards.

Safe, Efficient and Effective ECO response to any emergency starts with the documentation.  Correct documentation can:

  • Minimise business interruption
  • Minimise injuries
  • Lessen the effects of any emergency
  • Reduce property damage
  • Reduce the risk of serious injury or loss of life

Generic Emergency Plans

Be prepared for any emergency in your workplace. 

QuickFire EM has designed a basic emergency Plan for non-complex buildings that will tick the box for compliance and emergency response. 

A basic Emergency Plan is a cost-effective way of achieving a suitable level of compliance for your workplace – ensuring an appropriate response from occupants during any emergency.