Emergency Management Plans

Be prepared for any emergency that could affect your workplace. 

QuickFire EM designs site specific Emergency Management Plans (EMP) incorporating easy to read response procedures for all foreseeable hazards that may affect your workplace.

QuickFire EM Consultants have a wide range of technical knowledge and over 30 years’ experience in the industry emergency response and EMP design.

Utilising our qualified staff to design and construct your EMP will ensure your facility occupants are prepared to respond to all emergency situations.

We will determine specific and general risks that may affect your facility and design an EMP that will:

  • Minimise business interruption
  • Minimise injuries
  • Lessen the effects of any emergency
  • Reduce property damage
  • Reduce the risk of serious injury or loss of life

Full Compliance

Engaging QuickFire EM, you will experience professional, friendly and knowledgeable Consultants who will work with you and your team to ensure that the final EMP product is complaint with AS 3745 - 2010: Planning for emergencies in facilities and AS 4083 - 2010: Planning for emergencies – Health Care Facilities

Our EMP’s include

  • Building Safety Features (Compartmentation, fire detection systems, sprinklers, EWIS, etc.)
  • Emergency Response information – easy to read step by step details for the Emergency Control Organisation)
  • Building Occupant response information
  • Document management systems
  • Training information/requirements