Evacuation Diagrams

QuickFire EM specialises in people movement and people’s behavior in fires and have developed a user-friendly format for evacuation diagrams that ensures compliance with the current Standard AS3745-2010 AND as 4083 -- 2010.  These Australian Standard set out specific requirements regarding review and updating of emergency diagrams for facilities. 

The diagrams provide information on building layout, the location of essential items such as firefighting equipment, fire compartmentation and site plan features.  

Are you compliant?

If diagrams in your facility were developed over 5 years ago, then your diagrams will require a review to ensure compliance. 

QuickFire EM can advise you on the number of diagrams your facility may require along with the display and location of those diagrams.

Diagrams can be framed in brushed aluminium for an extra cost of $30 per frame.