Off-site Evacuation Procedures – Health Care Facilities

Most Emergency Management Plans (EMP) will provide information and guidance for Wardens and staff to evacuate residents to an agreed external assembly area for an emergency threat within the building. 

Compliance Managers should ask these questions:

  • What if the threat is at a natural disaster level and affects the entire community?
  • What if the internal emergency (fire) has caused damage to a point where residents cannot be rehoused in their own home.
  • What if the threat is of a long duration – how long do we stand in the car park
  • What procedures do you have in place to safely and effectively relocate residents to an appropriate care?

This Off-site Evacuation Procedures (OEP) provides a response structure with specific instructions for key personnel to facilitate an evacuation of residents off site – either to another health care facility, family home, Hospital or Evacuation Centre. 

Evacuation is a complex process, so this OEP provides detailed information on the five stages of evacuation, from the decision to evacuate, through the warning, the withdrawal, shelter and the recovery. 

Careful planning can minimise risks associated with the evacuation process, and it is essential to consider these factors in order to establish an effective EMP.