QuickInduct© - Online Induction Program (New Employees)

Work Health & Safety laws require new employees to complete training in any work activity they are expected to undertake in the workplace.  Induction training for employees must occur prior to the commencement of work.

This can be a daunting process for facilities and compliance managers – providing a range of information and detail (including fire & emergency response) to new employees to ensure they are fully inducted into the workplace.

We have developed QuickInduct© a site-specific induction package for fire and emergency response.  This online induction package has been designed in 2 levels for general staff to reduce the stress of compliance on organisations and managers when inducting new employees.

A separate induction program specific to Chief Wardens is also available.

The Induction package provides a self-paced learning platform in a basic and advanced format enabling employees to achieve either 3 or 9 months compliance for fire and emergency response.  Note that this in no way replaces the need for face-to-face training, however it is a user-friendly way of ensuring overall compliance for new employees.


LEVEL 1 INDUCTION (BASIC):  15 Minute - 3 Months Compliance

LEVEL 2 INDUCTION (ADVANCED):  45 Minutes - 9 Months Compliance

CHIEF WARDEN INDUCTION:  60 Minutes - 9 Months Compliance

Once completed the employee will be linked to our QuickData Portal and your site’s compliance status will be automatically updated to reflect the completion of the induction undertaken.


All new employees should undertake the level 1 induction program in the first instance and then progress to the level 2 program if a face to face training session has not been organised.  Chief Wardens will be directed to undertake a Chief Warden induction program in preparation for face-to-face training.

A per site annual subscription fee applies to this program.

For more information and subscription costs please click here.