Chief Warden/Area Warden Site Specific Training

Chief Wardens play a vital role in the success of any emergency response procedure. Understanding the dynamics of their emergency response, developing good communication and coordination skills and providing explicit instructions are just some of the main topics covered by our implementation sessions.  QuickFire EM provides specialist implementation training for Chief Wardens that includes scenario sessions to ensure an efficient and effective response by the entire Warden structure.

Wardens are critical to the success of the emergency Response Procedures.  Warden's roles of checking the building for fire, conducting evacuations and providing the ‘all clear’ to responding emergency services is the front line of any Response Team.  Accordingly, the training and preparation needed to ensure that they carry out their roles efficiently and safely is paramount.

Target Participants

These sessions are appropriate for employees who are required to perform the role of Chief Warden or Area Warden/Warden in a workplace.

Session Structure

Sessions deliver the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the roles within an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) structure.

The sessions cover all aspects of emergency preparedness including understanding human behaviour, assessing risk and effectively planning for all types of emergencies in the workplace.

Sessions are delivered in compliance with the Australian Standard 3745 - 2010, Australian Standard 4083 - 2010, Australian Standard 1674.1 1997,  The General Fire Regulations 2010 and the Workplace Health & Safety Regulations 1998.

Full Compliance

Designed and delivered by our highly qualified specialists, the course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge they need to fulfil their role as Chief Warden or Emergency Coordinator. We have designed the training to comply with the requirements of AS 3745-2010:  Planning for emergencies in facilities and AS 4083-2010: Planning for emergencies - Health care facilities.


Sessions are structured ideally for a maximum of 15 participants.


Quickfire specialises in on-site training sessions tailored specifically to your organisation.


Chief Warden: 4 hours
Warden:  2 ½ hours