Aged Care

Emergency Planning in the Aged Care Sector has become extremely important in recent years.  The aged care sector has been referred to specifically in recent Royal Commissions identifying deficiencies in many facilities' preparedness and ability to respond effectively to emergencies. 

The Australian Government - Department of Health has specific Guidelines for Residential Care Services to follow in preparing for an emergency event.

The recent Bushfires on the East Coast of Australia, increased cyclone and flooding events in Queensland and Victoria along with the Quakers Hill Nursing Home fire in NSW have all contributed to a heightened awareness of the increase in expectations and requirements being placed on the Aged Care indutry to provide emergency management plans.

Aged and Community Services Australia have reported on retrofitting of sprinkler systems in older buildings following the Quakers Hill tragedy. 
Full Report March 2015.

The Need to Develop Policies and Procedures


There continues to be an increased expectation and requirement placed upon Facility Management in the Aged Care industry to provide evidence of current and up to date Emergency Management Procedures and Plans.


By providing evidence of an organisation’s risk management, which includes emergency management and business continuity plans, insurance providers may offer greater coverage and the possibility of a reduction of premiums.

Occupational Health Safety & Welfare

Provisions within existing WH&S Legislation dictate that employers must provide a safe workplace. Ensuring that there are adequate emergency plans in place and that all staff are familiar with their role and responsibilities will succeed in achieving this.

Duty of Care

An Aged Care provider and its employees owe a Duty of Care to its residents and those who visit the property.

Code Black

Click on the link below to view a brochure specifically for the aged care sector in relation to violence or threat in the workplace.
Managing the risks of violence at work in aged care facilities.