Fire Indicator Panel Information Sessions

Ever had to isolate a circuit on your Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) because workman were carrying out “hot work” related practices.  Did you know what to do?

QuickFire EM trained consultants have experience in the operation of all types of Fire Indicator Panels.  We can provide specific instructions to selected staff on the operation and use of your Fire Indicator Panel. 

We can provide clearly written instructions to enable you or your staff to be confident in the operation of your Fire Indicator Panel.  This will save you time and money.

Technology has increased to a stage where Occupant/Emergency Warning Systems and Emergency Intercommunication Systems can be interactive with the Chief Warden or a Communications Officer. 

QuickFire EM can provide specialised training in all types of systems.

EWS/EWIS Information Sessions


Sessions are structured ideally for a maximum of 4 participants.


1 hour