Staff Gap Training

It is common for employees to work at multiple sites – particularly in the health and aged care sectors.  This may be for the same organisation or multiple organisations.

Employees are required to undertake training that is specific for each site.  This can be disruptive to the individual (in terms of time lost from work) and for the organisation (wages whilst undertaking the training).

QuickFire EM have listened to our clients and we understand the disruption it causes to ensure staff attend training at multiple sites in a 12-month period – especially when the training is predominantly the same, except for some minor differences.

We have developed an online gap training module that allows staff (working at multiple sites and who have attended QuickFire EM training within the past 12 months) to undertake a short online gap training session that will provide them with necessary site-specific information they require for any additional workplaces.


General staff: 5-10 Minutes

Chief Wardens: 15-20 Minutes


All employees who have undertaken training with QuickFire EM in the past 12 months and who work at multiple sites.

This functionality is under development – expected completion date is July 2018.

If you would like to use this service, please contact us today.