Generic Warden Skills Retention Training

Australian Standard AS3745 – 2010 states that ECO members, including nominated deputies, SHALL attend a skills retention activity at intervals no greater than 6 months. 

Skills retention activities may include , but not be limited to, table top exercises and evacuation exercises for the ECO.

It is recognised that undertaking 1 face-to-face training session per year is not enough to maintain skills and efficiency in your role as a Warden – especially if there has been no exposure to the process in the form of emergency response.

QuickFire EM recognise the need to provide access to all levels of the ECO to ensure they are provided with the necessary exposure and skills retention activities to be efficient and effective in their role.

With the above in mind we have developed a self-paced online training module that will provide ECO members, at all levels, with a proficient response capability to assist in achieving staff training compliance.


30 Minutes


All ECO members

This functionality is under development – expected completion date is July 2018.